The Springvale Boys High School (SBHS) is a Premier 8-4-4 boys’ secondary boarding school. The school combines traditional christian values with an acute appreciation of the needs of young men in the 21st century.

Springvale Boys High School was founded in the early 2000 to respond to a growing need for high school education in Kenya. The founders had a vision of impacting the society through proper training of young men who would take up various leadership roles in the society.

We hope to convey to you the essence of Springvale Boys High School:
  1. A healthy learning environment that prepares the 'whole person'.
  2. A friendly and stimulating atmosphere that is both happy and secure.
  3. A platform for students to exploit and enhance their inherent potential and talents.
  4. An arena that challenges students, while creating a social awareness and sense of responsibility.
  5. A School that has zero-tolerance to drugs’ abuse, alcohol and bullying.