Producing Confident, All-rounded,  Young men of Outstanding Character.
“Work to inspire excellence in every aspect of learning, teaching, commitment, behavior and aspiration, through hard work, integrity and Christ-like character.”  
  • Academic excellence
  • Holistic development  - talents, character
  • Biblical world view
  • Spiritual and character formation
  • Innovation  - Adoption of technology
The school’s motto is: Inspiring Excellence. 
By 2025, we will be one of the top 50 private high schools in Kenya
  • Nurture and grow the individual student’s academic capacity
  • Inculcate values of hard work and commitment to goals
  • Develop skills and talents
  • Facilitate learning beyond teaching
  • Mentor boys to become responsible and godly men that have a positive impact on the society


Motivated by our Vision, Mission, Core Values, and by the conviction that learning is both rooted in and responsive to the culture and context, Springvale Boys High School seeks to participate in God’s mission in the world by bringing a Christ-centred worldview to bear on teaching and learning. All students will be exposed to integrated courses that teach Christian faith, evangelical worldview, knowing and understanding the Bible, moral and leadership issues, and understanding the value of teamwork. Such a core is vital for engaging all branches of knowledge in a way that is biblical. Critical to this pursuit, then, is a core of teaching staff that strives to integrate the evangelical faith with their disciplines or teaching subjects.